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A paintbrush is to a painter what a wand is to a magician. Just as a magician cannot practice magic without his wand, a painter cannot create a painting masterpiece without a good paintbrush.

Regardless of the level of your skill and experience in painting; whether you are a pro or a novice, a good paintbrush goes a long way in helping you create a masterpiece.


Kinds of Paint Brushes

That being said, you cannot depend on a single paintbrush for all of your painting endeavors. All painters, regardless of whether they are beginners or experts, need a proper set of paintbrushes they can use to explore the world of art.

There are different kinds of paint brushes available in the market, each with its own unique features that set it apart from the rest. Some of the most important kinds of paintbrushes are given below:


Round Brush

A round paintbrush is the most common kind of paintbrushes in the world. It is known for its wide belly and the broad and well-defined strokes it makes.

When choosing a round brush, focus on the nature of its bristles. Synthetic bristles aren't very helpful when you want to create a smooth and fluid stroke. 


Pointed Round Brush

A pointed round brush has a round belly and a pointed tip which make it the perfect choice for finer strokes, retouching, spotting, and handling delicate areas. You can use this brush to draw fine lines and add more detail to your work as well.


Detail Round Brush

A detail round brush is, just as its name suggests, a round brush that does not only has short bristles but also consists of a short handle. This allows you to create perfectly detailed and controlled strokes. You can also use this brush to add more detail to your work.


Flat Brush

A flat brush, as the name suggests, consists of a flat but thin tip that can be used to create both wide and narrow strokes. It all depends on the way you use the paintbrush.

The tip of the flat brush, once you swipe it across the page, creates a flat stroke. If held upright as you paint, the same tip creates the thinnest stroke ever.


Angular Flat Brush

An angular flat brush can be defined as a flat brush with an angled tip that renders it ideal for shading, calligraphy, creating precise designs, and filling the corners of a painting, etc.


Bright Brush

A bright brush is no different from a flat brush except that has shorter bristles which can prove to be quite useful when creating short and precise strokes.

Filbert Brush

A filbert brush is a sort of a cross between a round brush and a flat brush. It is a flat and narrow paintbrush with a round tip that can create different kinds of strokes based on the amount of pressure you apply on it. Moreover, the round tip of a filbert paintbrush ideal for blending.


Fan Brush

The fan brush is actually quite similar to a fan when it comes to the shape of its tip. The bristles of a fan brush are shaped like a fan. These brushes are generally used for creating patterns, trees, and scattered or broader strokes.

Painting is an adventure; an exciting journey into the unknown and the kind of paintbrushes you use determines the beauty and success of your journey. You cannot paint a masterpiece without the right paintbrush.

Therefore, make sure that you have the right art supplies for your painting adventures. Also, make it a point to avoid using paintbrushes with synthetic bristles.

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